1. JESUS’ CHILDHOOD (Luke 2:41-52)

Objectives: By the end of this subtopic learners should be able to:
  • Define the terms “temple” and “Passover feast”.
  • Narrate the events which took place when Jesus went to the temple.
  • Explain Luke’s interest in women/ the characteristics of Luke’s gospel.
  • Explain the significance of the story of Jesus in the temple.
  • List the lessons or the moral of the story.

1.0 Introduction

  • When Jesus was at the age of twelve he went to Jerusalem with his parent for the Passover festival. It was a feast that was held yearly.
  • When the feast ended the parents returned home hoping that they were with Jesus but Jesus had remained in the temple.
  • After a day of walking Jesus’ parents discovered that they were not with Jesus. They looked for Jesus but they could not find him.
  • They returned to Jerusalem looking for him and found him after 3 days teaching and asking questions and listening to them. Those who heard him speak were amazed at his understanding.
  • Jesus’ parents were astonished when they found him and his mother asked him why he had remained in the temple.
  • He told them that he was supposed to be in his father’s house but they did not understand him. They went home in Nazareth and he was obedient to his parents.
Fig 1.0 Jesus in the Temple with elders.jpg (302 KB)

1.1 Comment

  • Luke’s interest in women is shown since Mary is the one so active.
  • There is the aspect of God shown as the heavenly Father and Joseph as the earthly father.
  • Jesus also reflects his mission on earth as he prefers to be in the temple than to go home. Jesus was focused on things of Heaven and the word of God his father.
  • Jesus is shown as someone with religious knowledge and understanding.
  • Jesus’ parents also showed concern by returning to Jerusalem to look for him. This also teaches the parents of today to take responsibility on their children as this is one way of caring and protecting children.

1.2 Lessons

  • People usually show what they love and prefer from a young age, hence parents can also help their children identify their talents from a young age so that they pursue them.
  • Children are a responsibility of the parents just like Mary and Joseph showed their love and care to Jesus by going back to Jerusalem to look for him.
  • Children must obey their parents for they know what is best for them. Jesus always listened to Mary and Joseph.
  • Matters of the word of God have no age, hence those who have the zeal to partake in the work of God should be given a chance. This is evidenced when the leaders in the Jerusalem temple sat and listened to the teachings of Jesus who was a very small boy.