By the end of the topic, learners should be able to:
  • Define the word talent.
  • List types of talents.
  • Retell the parable of the talents.
  • Give an account of the lessons learnt from the story of the talents.
  • List the ways of enhancing talents.

1.1 Talents

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  • Talents involve one's attitude, character, skills, abilities, knowledge, experiences and abilities.
  • One person can have many talents.
  • Everyone has a talent.
NB: In the bible it was a currency used by the Romans.

1.2 Types of talents

singing dancing building houses debate painting play clarinet
volleyball running fast whistling herding writing play violin
gymnastics softball public speaking play saxophone smiling jump rope
cooking tennis magic tricks spelling colouring high jump
baking play piano fishing fastest reader acting mending shoes
football typing planning reciting poems knitting jerseys modelling
being good at math baseball surfing picking good outfits swimming imitating farm animals
soccer play guitar driving building drawing tongue touching your nose

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1.3 Parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

The Kingdom of God is like a men who decided to go to certain country. Before he left he called his servants and shared his property amongst them. He gave them according to their abilities. To the first one he gave five talents, to the second one two talents and then to the third he gave one talent. He went away. The one who had five talents went and traded them and got five more and the one with two talents also traded and got two more but the one with one talent went and hid his talent in the ground. After a long time the master returned and called upon the servants to account for what they had made. The one with five talents brought them with five more. The master commended him for being a faithful servant. The one with two talents brought his with two more and the master also commended him for a good job. The one with one talent came with that only talent that the master had left him. The servant explained that he had not made more talents. The master was angry at this servant for his laziness. The master ordered that the talent be taken from him and was given to the one with ten talents. The lazy servant was chased away from the master's house and those who had made more talents were taken in and rejoiced with their master

1.4 What do we learn from the story?

  • Talents are natural and God given.
  • Everyone has a different talent as the master gave talents to everyone.
  • People must use and develop their talents- The two servants went and traded their talents and made double from what they were given.
  • God does not like people who are lazy in developing their talents. The master took the talents from the servant who had not developed them as punishment.
  • God gives people talents according to their abilities. The master in the parable did so.
  • Some have many talents while some have a few but we all must appreciate the talents that we have and develop them to the maximum - The master in the parable gave different amounts of talents to his servants.

1.5 Discovering your talents

  • There are many ways to discover what you are good at. Various scholars have suggested most of these ways.

1. Trial and error method

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This is where one tries several activities with the aim of finding out what they are talented in. One can try playing both volleyball and soccer. If one is good at one of these activities they are easily likely to discover their talent. So one can try what they think they are talented in and find out.

2. Inquiring from parents.

Most children inherit talents genetically from their parents. Asking parents what they were good in may help one discover talents or give clues on what to attempt. It is not always the case that every child takes talents from parents but there are high chances of possessing the same talents.
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Parents need to assist children in discovering their talents. They may do different activities with them and find out what they do best. Mothers may cook and bake with their children in a bid to help them discover their talents.

3. Identify what you like.

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It is those things that an individual likes that their talent usually lies in, therefore there is need for one to follow their guts and do those activities that they like. This may be a way of discovering talents.

4. Look at where you have succeeded in life.

There are those activities that one takes part in and succeeds. They are pointers to talents. For example, one may have always scooped awards in dancing at Primary level. Such a person may join school action clubs and pursue careers that have to do with dancing.

5. Take on challenges.

There are new activities that one meets in life. There is need for one to commit in trying them even though they may be challenging. Remember, THE FACT THAT SOMETHING IS CHALLENGING FOR SOMEONE DOES NOT MEAN ONE IS NOT TALENTED IN IT.

6. Be confident in yourself.

In an attempt to discover talents, one needs to be confident in trying new activities. Fully employ oneself and do not be shy to try as being shy may make a person believe they are not excelling in that particular activity.

1.6 How to make my talent benefit the community

1 Peter 4:10

As each has received a talent, use it for one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

1.7 The community as a body

All these body parts are equally important to the functioning of the body. Your talent is equally important to the function of the community.
1.7 The community as a body.jpg (94 KB)
  • Share talents with the community.
  • Educate others voluntarily on how they could identify and develop their own talents.
  • Use your talents to help others.
  • Loving your job. For example, if one is talented in leading you must lead exceptionally for the benefit of the community.
Our talents benefit through educating, equipping and developing our own communities. God wants us to use every talent we have to help others not only to benefit ourselves.